About Us

Michael Cingari, Las Vegas, NV
Michael Cingari<br>Las Vegas, NV
Steve Baker, Atlanta, GA
Steve Baker<br>Atlanta, GA

Who we are…

CrossWater Capital Corporation is a financial services boutique, established by Mike Cingari in Orange County, California in 2002. In 2015, the company moved its operations to Las Vegas, and is now incorporated in the state of Nevada.

CrossWater provides financing for Commercial & Industrial real estate as well as large-ticket equipment acquisitions. Our clients range from private, middle-market companies, to large, public corporations. CrossWater has established long-term relationships with a large number of life insurance companies, investment banks, money funds, banks and REITs. We are in daily contact with those institutions, determining their appetite for transactions in general, as well as their interest in particular asset types. This kind of current market knowledge enables us to determine which institutions are really ‘hungry’ for investment at any given time.

In 2016, Steve Baker, a former colleague of Mike Cingari, joined the firm. Steve’s office is in Atlanta, and he works with clients across the Southeast. Both Mike and Steve each have over 30 years of fixed-asset financing experience. Together their experience spans an exceptionally wide range of asset types and transaction structures. The breath of this experience can be seen by reviewing the transaction profiles shown under ‘Our Experience’.