Our Process


Do you want to make sure you are not leaving money on the table, but do not have the time or resources to screen potential lenders or lessors?

Are you unsure as to what type of financial institution can offer the best terms for your project?

CrossWater can help.

Our process…

CrossWater begins with structuring guidance, so that the transaction you have in mind not only meets your needs, but will also have broad appeal in the capital markets. Broad appeal translates into aggressive pricing and terms. Next, we confidentially screen a large number of institutions, in multiple sectors, requesting indications of interest for your specific project. This is done on a ‘no-name’ basis, without providing detailed financial or project information. After evaluating these ‘indications of interest’, CrossWater provides detailed financial and project information to only a small group of institutions, and only after each have executed a non-disclosure agreement.

Our value proposition…

CrossWater Capital has a two-fold value proposition.  First, we will save you a considerable amount of time in the structuring and placement of you financing project.  Second, through Our Process of confidentially screening large numbers of financial institutions, you have the confidence of knowing that the pricing and terms you have received are among the most competitive offered in the capital markets today.